I’ve spent two days* and printed so many labels. Piles and piles of labels, and I continue doing the same remotely from home and checking the Image Buffer through my browser to see what the printer at the office is producing. All I wanted was a scalable non-bold font! SST Thai is inbuilt and would do nicely, but could I get the font aliasing to work? No way. Well, yes, now finally. What a relief.

Of course it doesn’t help that you have to restart the printer every time you alter or edit the alias file (or do you? see below), and there is no information or debugging for this sort of thing, all you can do is try a print and see if it works.

Anyway it turns out that despite the Honeywell documentation (what little I could find) stating that the ZSIM.FNT alias file should be placed in /home/user, this is incorrect. In fact the alias file should be placed in /home/user/fonts

I have more good news. Now that I have the thing working, I can confirm that a restart is not required between changes. I was tinkering with the ZSIM.FNT alias file and I noticed that the change was picked up immediately.

The following ZSIM.FNT appears to do what I need:

Z#SST Thai#100#

That means: replace font Z with SST Thai, with magnification factor of 100%

Wonderful. I am so happy to have finally worked it out. This is now genuinely the highlight of my week.

*OK I was doing other stuff too, like trying to get a tiny FSC logo to be readable at 300dpi.