Not only do newly installed printers usually take an age to appear in Devices & Printers on Windows 8, but they sometimes do not show up at all.
You can print from your applications, and the queue shows up under Print Queues in Device Manager, but no amount of restarting the print spooler, or hitting F5 within Devices & Printers, will help the new printer to show up where it should.

All that is needed is a reboot of the computer – however, Windows 8’s Hybrid boot feature, which results in rapid startups and reboots, is actually a hibernate as far as kernel and device drivers are concerned, and so a restart or shutdown in the normal sense does not fix the problem.

In order to perform an actual reboot of the operating system, go to an administrative command prompt (ctrl+shift while clicking on command prompt) (save your work first please!) and type “shutdown /r /t /0” followed by enter.

If you’re as lucky as I was, your new printer will finally show up in Devices and Printers when the operating system restarts.

Thanks for this annoying problem Microsoft!

I would hope that you’d be able to hold down shift, or alt, or something, while choosing Restart or Shutdown from settings on the charms bar to initiate a traditional shutdown or reboot, but I haven’t heard anything to suggest that this is possible.

I did a little more Googling, and somebody said that if you choose Restart from the Win-X menu (hold Windows/flag key that’s in-between ctrl and alt, then tap X while holding that key), then a full restart is actually performed. I haven’t tried this myself though.