I picked up a Vodafone branded Nokia E72, because I was getting really fed up of my Palm Pre for loads of reasons.

The Vodafone UK supplied E72 doesn’t seem to be sim-locked and took my o2 sim card just fine, but I wasn’t happy with the Voda customised firmware, and I wanted the latest firmware update which isn’t available for the Voda product code.

As I have done many times before, I used Nemsis service suite to change the product code to 0573569, which is some EURO – BLACK product code. This product code had the latest firmware available anyway.

I then used Nokia Software Updater and it told me there was new firmware available and it did the upgrade.

That was over an hour ago and the phone has been bricked since, that is until I did a hard reset just now. Phew!

When the USB cable was plugged into the phone, the Nokia USB Flashing Parent device would be detected in device manager for about 10 seconds, then the phone would bleep and it would disappear. NSS, Nokia Software Updater, and Phoenix all couldn’t see an attached deviced.

I was getting ready to tell my supplier that I’d broke another phone (I had an E55 die after not very long ..)

I’m still not quite sure if it’s *, 3, Green/Dial that have to be held down on the full QWERTY Nokias, or if it was Shift, Space, Backspace. I think it was the latter. Anyway, the phone has sprung into life.

Update: It’s definitely Shift, Space & Backspace. Thanks to everyone for the confirmation. Here is a picture of the keys that need to be held down for the hard reset/factory reset: