If the machine already has SQL Server or SQL Express on there, the BPS installer will not automatically create an SQL instance. You can either use an existing instance (i.e. tell the installer to create the Blackberry database on the SERVER\SHAREPOINT instance), which may confuse other sysadmins later and result in accidental removal of the Blackberry database, or you can install SQL 2005 Express yourself manually, which is what I do. It’s in the tools folder after you have extracted the BPS archive. Deselect “Hide Advanced Configuration Options” during the SQLEXPR install, and name the instance something useful like “BLACKBERRY”. You do not need User-Instances enabled.

Here’s the quick setup guide that I wrote after watching the videos. The written install guide is rotten. It makes a simple process look so tough:

Add user BPSAdmin, create Exchange mailbox.
Add to group Administrators (if you forget this you’ll know about it later when you’re unable to logon to the server locally as BPSAdmin).

Active Directory Users & Computers -> View -> Advanced Features
Domain Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Add BPSAdmin -> Apply onto: User Objects -> Send As

Regedit: HKCU->Software->microsoft->Exchange->ExAdmin-> New DWORD ShowSecurityPage=1
Exchange System Manager -> Right-click Org -> Delegate Control -> Next -> Add BPSAdmin -> Exchange View Only Administrator
Right-click Org -> Properties -> Security -> BPSADmin -> Allow Administer IS, Receive As, Send As.

Log off.

Log on as BPSAdmin

Start BPS setup, accept all defaults, enter the BPSAdmin password.

Set up device as usual – Options -> Advanced Options -> Enterprise Activation.
When entering the email address, use space bar instead of @ and dot.